Welcome to the picturesque landscape of Moravske Toplice

... a small town in the heart of Prekmurje that will instantly captivate you with its endless plains and rolling hills.

Famous for its thermal springs with healing properties, Moravske Toplice is a popular destination for those seeking relaxation, rest and wellness. The Pannonian Sea, which extended here millions of years ago, had left behind a rich heritage of thermal mineral springs with healing benefits. The black mineral water in particular, also dubbed black gold, is unique in the world and is the cornerstone of the health and wellness tourism at the Moravske Toplice spa. The thermal mineral water has beneficial effects on people suffering from various types of arthritis, arthrosis, degenerative changes in the musculoskeletal system, and also helps with various skin diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis. Bathing in this water also has remarkable cosmetic effects, and will leave your skin smooth, silky, pleasantly hydrated and elastic.

A delicious breakfast will make the start of the day even better

The Maj Inn hotel is located in the very center of Moravske Toplice, just a stone's throw from Terme Vivat and Terme 3000, Slovenia's largest spa resorts. The Maj Inn hotel offers its guests comfortable rooms with a private bathroom, air conditioning, fridge, flat-screen TV and Wi-Fi. Mornings here smell of excellent coffee prepared by your friendly hosts, and a delicious breakfast will make the start of the day even better.

There is a large free car park in front of the hotel, and covered bike storage is also available for cycling enthusiasts.

For adventures outside our hotel, we offer bike rental, storage and charging for your e-bikes, as well as an EV charging station.

Japanese "Zen garden"

The hotel's courtyard boasts a zen garden, with a permanent bonsai exhibition. This magical garden is a paradise for lovers of nature, peace and harmony and is a truly unique experience for all visitors. Savor its beauty and tranquility and take a selfie that will forever remind you of these moments. We will also gladly teach you about the symbolic meaning of bonsai in Japanese culture and guide you through the art of growing miniature trees and plants, and you can also purchase a bonsai, which comes with all the care instructions you need to make it thrive in your home or garden.

Tips for exploring

In addition to a variety of water activities and health and wellness services, there is also an 18-hole golf course stretching over 50 hectares nearby. The municipality of Moravske Toplice covers a significant part of the Goričko Landscape Park, which has numerous recreational trails dotted with tourist attractions. It is an excellent starting point for the increasingly popular Nordic walking, trekking, cycling or even fishing. Children will enjoy the many playgrounds around the town designed for different age groups. You can also ride horses in the nearby manor, or visit the Vulkanija adventure park, where children can meet Oli the mole.

The activities do not end there, and you can also visit the orchid and tomato plantation in the town, or take a walk around the Bukovica Lake, where radiesthesic surveys showed beneficial healing radiation years ago, and where 26 energy points will help you relax your body and mind. For adrenaline junkies, there is the Adventure Park with six climbing routes, and for history buffs, we recommend a visit to the Lončarska Vas open-air museum.

Complete your active and fun-filled holiday by exploring the Prekmurje cuisine, which is simple but full of flavor and made with local ingredients. You should try the Prekmurje ham and gibanica cake, which are protected regional products under the EU law. And don't forget the bograč, dödole and bujta repa. And zlejvanke and rejtaše! We will let you in on a secret – the best wine is produced on the first slopes of Goričko.

We are always happy to refer you to the restaurants and locals, which we have tried and trust them to simply enchant you with their local food.

You are warmly invited to our boutique hotel, where we offer you an individual approach and sincere hospitality.