Recipient of the EU Ecolabel certificate

In August 2022, we received the environmental certificate EU Ecolabel, registration number SI/051/34.

As a socially responsible company, we operate according to sustainable principles and and are committed to continually improving the sustainability of our business.

The sustainability policy of our company is alined with the principles of the EU Ecolabel schemes and covers the following areas:
a) general management, which involves implementing ecological measures in the overall operation of the accommodation, while considering the principles of the triple outcome (responsibility to people, to nature and to economic success),
b) saving electricity and energy for heating and cooling,
c) saving water,
d) separating waste and preventing its creation,
e) optimized use of chemicals and other environmentally harmful substances and
f) measures in favor of the environment, the local community, employees and other social measures.

We educate our employees and guests about the importance of protecting the environment.
Whenever possible, we try to engage other providers in the local community in environmentally responsible practices.

EU Ecolabel – Better for you, better for the environment!

EU Ecolabel: SI/051/34

In this way, we support the mission of Slovenian tourism "move forward with nature" and the vision of "green boutique hospitality."